Altek Makina Model Makine Payzaj San. ve Tic A.Ş

Altek Makina Model Makine Payzaj San. ve Tic A.Ş, is a pattern shop which is professionalized in casting patterns.

The company is producing high quality products with added value by using CNC machining abilities and the latest Technologies with a good skilled work craft.

The pattern shop is following ISO 9001 – 2015 directives and uses the EN Pattern Standards at its applications.

Altek Makina Model Sanayiand its sub-contracted companies are using the latest Technologies in their fields and fulfilling the customer requirements with a continuous improvement in its modern company structure and work flows.

Environmentally friendly...

Ensuring taking preventive measures for the wastes occurred during our operation and performing continuous improvements, ensuring disposal or recycling of wastes as stipulated by the laws..

Fast delivery...

We deliver a solid, reliable and timely delivery in our workplace.


Our products are delivered to you in fast and hassle-free fashion with our 25 years of experience and specialist staff. Our experience saves you time.

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Altek Makina Model: Our specialist staff diligently follows up each phase of your products. They employ fast-solving approach even in the slightest issue. Works in a solution-oriented manner rather than a problem.


Quality is a measure of our ability to reflect our customers' expectations to your products and services.

Always affordable price...

We maintain close relations with our partners for preserving our low-price policy and we strive for offering a better price to our customers.

About us


Altek Makina Model Sanayi, is an innovative company with its pioneers and work crafts and their 25 years’ experience. Is producing wooden, Styrofoam, araldite or metal casting patterns with a modern machine park and equipment’s and approved sub-contractors.



Oğlananası Atatürk Mah. 2. Cad. No:95
Menderes / İZMİR
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