Our Mission

We strive to be an enterprise in a strong and competitive structure, exceeding expectations of our customers in the basis of technology and information, offering top quality products and services to the market, maintaining continuity of these services.

Our Vision

We strive to be a company adopting customer existence as its single objective, prioritizing corporate stance and quality management, keeping up with technological advancements for continuity of services that will boost competitive capacity of our customers, producing model designs with dynamic and vigorous human resources and growing the market together with them and being a profitable and indispensable company of our customers

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About us


Altek Makina Model Sanayi, is an innovative company with its pioneers and work crafts and their 25 years’ experience. Is producing wooden, Styrofoam, araldite or metal casting patterns with a modern machine park and equipment’s and approved sub-contractors.



Oğlananası Atatürk Mah. 2. Cad. No:95
Menderes / İZMİR
E-mail : info@altekmodel.com
E-mail : altekmodel@gmail.com
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